Our Pure Whey Protein – What You Need To Know.

Whey protein is an essential supplement for body builders and fitness fanatics – a supplement building block, if you will. As part of a balanced diet, it can help you to lose weigh while preserving muscle, increase your strength and endurance, reduce your hunger, and keep you healthy.  Considered a complete protein, it contains all 9 essential amino acids.

While incorporating whey protein into your diet is a must for most athletes wanting to improve their performance, not all brands of whey protein are created equal. So, when it comes to effective protein supplementation, it’s important to use superior, natural, quality products from a reliable, reputable source if you want to see results and protect your health.

Why Muscle Works protein whey is the best:

1. The difference is in the source.

Often, cattle eat a diet that includes grains such as corn. The cattle’s diet has an effect on the nutrients and fats produced by the cow which we in turn eat. Our whey comes from grass fed cows which means you can rest assured that the whey in our supplements is pure and natural and studies suggest that it may be healthier for humans. When cows eat only grass, the CLA levels in their meat and milk are typically 300 to 500 percent higher than in those fed an unnatural grain-based diet (resulting in low levels in some regular brands of whey protein).

2. It’s ethically manufactured.

Our whey is the result of superior, responsible farming methods and strict quality criteria. It is cruelty-free, natural super food enhanced, non-GMO, and Halaal. So when you use our whey protein, you can do so knowing that it is of the highest quality and made with the most ethical of processes.

Looking for a protein whey formula designed with body builders in mind? Try Muscle Works’ Nitro Whey – a pure whey protein with added arginine. This whey protein has the added benefit of nitric oxide amplifiers combined with a powerful formula to deliver superior muscle building results. And with double chocolate, strawberry cream and vanilla ice-cream flavours, it’s delicious too!

At Muscle Works, we care about the products we produce and the athletes who use them. We only use the finest ingredients to create formulas that offer the best results. You can see some of our top-selling products here and buy them here.

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