Thinking About Professional Body Building? Starter Tips From The Experts.

Being a body builder can be a difficult and challenging undertaking – it can also be rewarding and exhilarating to take your body to its peak physical form. Whether you want to compete professionally or just adopt the lifestyle, if you’re interested in becoming a body builder, you need to have a plan that takes into account your fitness levels, health, diet, and goals.

At Muscle Works, we support professional and amateur body builders in their journey to achieving (and exceeding) their fitness goals. Here are some of our best tips for making sure you develop a body and mind fit for body building success.

Top body building tips:

1. Get checked out before you start.

Before starting your body building journey (or any other intense workout plan), visit your GP to check for any health conditions that could make working out in this way difficult. Get a clean bill of health before you start to make sure this is a safe step for you and to start off in the best condition you can.

2. Get a professional fitness regime underway.

Regular exercise, focused on the form and physique of body building, is an essential foundational step. Body building depends on rigorous strength training (with proper recovery breaks) and is best undertaken with a coach, trainer, or partner in the know. Simply put, get a coach and formalise a fitness regime – body building depends on (physical and mental) discipline, determination when the going gets tough (which it will), and knowledge on how to get the required body.

3. Learn the movements,

Use the weights, and master the lifts. As above, correct form is essential to seeing results in body building. It’s all about working the right muscle groups at the right time and getting on top of elements like Olympic lifts which are difficult to master but worth it, resulting in increased power, strength and flexibility. Practice the exercises you need to get the form you want and ensure that you perform them properly to avoid injury. Then, repeat and push – if you’re doing things right, you’ll be surprised how you can achieve and exceed your goals.

4. Think food.

No matter what your fitness regime, if you don’t eat properly for your health and goals, you won’t achieve success. When it comes to body building, diet is nothing short of essential. Speak to a dietician and fellow athletes to work out a diet that becomes a lifestyle rather than a once-off event. Body building requires large amounts of protein-rich foods (think lean cuts of meat, nuts, and legumes) to help encourage muscle growth. You also need to include complex carbohydrates for energy such as whole grains, vegetables, and brown rice. Sweets and empty calories are a non-no. Body builders need to fuel their bodies often with small, nutritious meals throughout the day, to help their muscles repair and grow.

5. Supplement right.

Both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts understand that diet and training alone won’t get them the results they need, especially if they’re aiming for ultimate form and fitness. High quality, specially formulated supplements (taken pre- and post-workout) such as glutamine, amino acids, multivitamins, creatine, or protein powders, can help you achieve your goals (and recover where necessary) faster and in a healthier way. Just be sure to choose a reputable supplier who can offer you natural, effective products with great results and no negative side effects.

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